This weekend, over 500 learners completed the latest edition of the Data Science for All: Colombia program.  Correlation One and the Colombian Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (MinTIC) celebrated the program finale on August 15.

“We’re so excited by the movement that’s happening here with DS4A.  All of the work, learning and growing impact is delightful to us,” said Rasheed Sabar, Correlation One Co-Founder and Co-CEO.  

537 program graduates (selected from over 12,000 program applicants) were celebrated this weekend following 10 weeks of applied data science training under the guidance of Correlation One Chief Scientist, Natesh Pillai.  Learners came from over 45 cities throughout Colombia and cumulatively completed over 200,000 hours of world class training.  

As part of the program, learners were grouped into small teams that worked together on real-world capstone projects, giving program participants the opportunity to immediately apply their skills and provide data driven insights and solutions to the most pressing challenges facing Colombia and the Colombian economy today.

Rasheed explained that the point of this program is not "learning for learning’s sake," but rather “to build the AI ecosystem in Colombia” and that learners must now use their skills to “to change the future for yourselves and the nation of Colombia by using data and AI to generate social and economic impact.”

At the start of the program, MinTIC  held a public Convocatoria calling for program applications from learners and project-prompt submissions from companies and institutions around the country. 52 of the 92 project teams chose to tackle problems surfaced via the Convocatoria.  During the Finale, the top 5 teams were selected to present their projects to be judged by German Rueda, Vice Minister of the Digital Economy for MINTIC.

Before the presentations began, Vice Minister Rueda shared some thoughts on the program and its impact (translated from Spanish): “We believe in the grand impact of the training you have received and the impact you will have on the country not just by completing these projects, but also by what we will build together in the future.”

You can see the complete video of the finale here.  Additionally, we've included the Datafolios of our winning teams below.

Third Place: How to Prioritize Funding for Development of Agricultural Projects in the post-COVID Era

Congratulations Miguel, Rafael, Jairo, Juan, Diego, and Juan!

Second Place: How to reduce Recidivism

Congratulations Rodolfo, Carlos, Laura, Andres, Elkin, and Lina!

First Place: No + Drop - Out = App; A Data Science Web App to Understand Scholar Desertion in Colombia

And the winners are: Luis, Daniel, Carlos, Alejandra, Fabo, and Diego! Felicidades a todos!