If you’re considering becoming a mentor, and leveraging your experience to help others navigate their careers, then you probably have a few questions about how it really works in practice.

In this conversation with some of our outstanding mentors and TAs from the Data Science for All Women’s Summit, you’ll hear firsthand about what’s involved and the impact that these relationships have had on their personal and professional development.

During the discussion we cover important topics such as:

  • Why mentorship is critical to creating more diverse and inclusive organizations
  • What our mentors learned from working with their mentees and project teams
  • Key ingredients to a successful mentoring partnership
  • The most valuable career advice our speakers have received

If you're ready to take the first step toward becoming a mentor at our Data Science for All / Empowerment program, please complete the online application here.  We ask our mentors to make a 10-15hr commitment across 13 weeks (October 24, 2020-February 13, 2021).

Thank you again to our incredible speakers:

  • Charlene Wu, Lead Staff Behavioral Scientist and Leader of the Machine Assisted Cognition team (MAC), Toyota Research Institute (Mentor at DS4A Women’s Summit)
  • Chris Brown, Chief Data Scientist ADARA, (Mentor at DS4A Women’s Summit)
  • Kessie Zhang, Data Science Teaching Assistant at DS4A Women’s Summit Fall 2020 (Past Candidate at DS4A Women’s Summit)
  • Savannah Thais, Postdoctoral Researcher in Machine Learning, Princeton University and Data Science Teaching Assistant at DS4A Women’s Summit Fall 2020 (Past Candidate  at DS4A Women’s Summit)

Finally, if you're interested in sponsoring any of our Data Science for All programs, and being part of the ecosystem that facilitates equal access to the jobs of tomorrow, please do get in touch: