Welcome to Issue 5 of The Story of Data. This is where we help you level up your data communication skills with learning resources and inspiration.


Last Mile of the Data Science Workflow

Data science is being used to solve the world’s biggest problems, but the work is usually only accessible to a technical audience. This article introduces the datafolio - a single-page, visual snapshot of your data science work.

What Data Visualization Experts Wish They Knew When They First Started

This article compiles the advice of 8 data viz designers - common pitfalls to avoid and ways to accelerate your progress. Our favorite idea is that audience is everything; each project should start by defining the audience.

How to Keep Your Reader Engaged with Thoughtful Annotations

This conversation focuses on using annotations in your graphics. Beyond using them to communicate context, Alyssa Flowers explains how annotations can make readers more engaged with your work.

Get Inspired

Analyzing food seasonality

We thought the radial "year clock" chart was a really effective new way to visualize Google Trends data.


How music is remembered

The Pudding's latest article took on the question, "which song is more likely to be recognized by future generations?"

Coronavirus riskiest activities

The redundancy of using color and size to depict risk is really effective here.